Turning an Apple G4 PowerBook into a workstation


A collegue of mine accidentally dropped his Apple PowerBook from a book closet.

The TFT screen was badly damaged and the repair costs were insanely high.

He decided to take off the TFT screen and make an OS X/OpenBSD workstation out of it :)

The specs of his Apple PowerBook are:

  • G4 867Mhz cpu
  • 256Mb ram
  • 40Gb hdd
  • Nvidia GeForce 4 GO
  • It was a real pain to remove the TFT screen as the whole machine had to be taken apart.


    Enjoy the inside view of an Apple PowerBook...

    Click on the tumbnails to get a 1024*768 image.

    The PowerBook workstation now runs happily next to his new PowerBook ;)